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Fire Risk Assessments

The 1st step in preventing fire

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, 2005 replaces or amends all previous fire regulations and laws, and fire certificates are now a thing of the past.

Certificates need replacing with an up to date fire risk assessment for any business premises employing 5 people or more, whether paid or unpaid workers.

Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk AssessmentFire Risk Assessment

What does a fire risk assessment look like?

Fire risk assessments are the systematic look at and documenting of potential sources of fire in the workplace, the danger posed to those who use the workplace and how the risk and spread of fire can be minimized.

Our Fire Risk Assessors are experienced professionals, regularly carrying out fire risk assessments in full compliance of the current fire regulations in all types of warehouses, industrial sites, flats, office buildings and HMOs.

We present our findings in a professional, bound, and personally tailored report with a written action plan detailing recommendations and measures necessary to comply with the law; along with full after-care support services for any remedial work necessary.

Our assessments include:

> Full indemnity cover

> Nationally recognised formatted document

> Photographic evidence

> After-care services